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Welcome at Pranic Healing

Every two weeks online meditation please visit "Online Events > The Meditation on Twin Hearts"
In all our activities, with our protection concept, we comply with the BAG guidelines regarding COVID-19.
Pranic Healing is a gentle and at the same time very effective no-touch Energy Healing method. Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Pranic Healing, observed together with clairvoyants and medical doctors the old knowledge about healing. He collected and analysed them and developed a safe Energy Healing method, easy to understand and to learn also for western people.

Learn Pranic Healing to improve your own good health and to develop a wealthy and radiant body. Each human being has the innate ability to heal with his hands. The techniques of Pranic Healing will help you to awaken this ability or intensify it. After a short time of exercising you will be able to help yourself and other people to alleviate physical and psychic illnesses and accelerate healing processes. The taught techniques can also be used to harmonize rooms, relationships, professional or private projects and others.

Pranic Healing is parted in two activities: The healing techniques and active meditation. (Pranic Healing is designed as a two-pronged way: in addition to the healing techniques active meditations are taught). Our healing power gets much stronger when meditating regularly and by spiritually developing our personal potential grows -  if for example old emotions show up while meditating, we have the healing techniques to transform them.

Receiving Support

We will be happy to assist you with difficulties, be it health problems, physical, emotional or mental exhaustion, feelings of fear, helplessness, stress, loneliness and the likes thereof.

With Pranic Healing Treatments:
With the help of Pranic Healing your concerns can be effectively supported.
Find a Pranic Healing user in your region. 

With Positive Energy:
To order to improve your energy or that of your loved ones, it is also possible for you or someone else to be put on our list.  This is managed centrally and regularly blessed with positive energy by our active meditation groups throughout Switzerland.
How you can benefit from our offer:  Email us
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