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Arhatic Yoga Meeti...
25.09.21 Lausanne
02.10.21 Ellikon an der Thur
09.10.21 Buchrain
09.10.21 Zürich
16.10.21 Thun
Pranic Kriyashakti – The art of materialization:
23.10.21 ONLINE
The Spiritual Essence of Man:
22.10.21 ONLINE

What Can I Do 

Dear Pranic Healing Students
The Corona Virus is on everyone's lips and everyone is wondering ‘what can I do best for myself and my loved ones in the current situation?'
The authorities have already proposed certain measure.  But what else can you do with Pranic Healing?
The stronger and healthier your immune system is the greater your defensive and self-healing powers are. With belief you strengthen both.
The Pranic Healing head office in Manila has issued the attached protocol. It is helpful to use this protocol regularly, whether you are healthy or in the healing phase.  Basic students always use white instead of color.
What else can you do? Remember what we learned in the basic seminar to positively influence the aura and energy system:

  • Meditation on Twin Hearts
  • Prana breathing and absorbing prana (earth, sun, air, tree)
  • (Yang golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.), forgiveness. Character training (loving kindness, generosity, honesty) and the golden rules
  • Fit in 10 Minutes physical exercises 
  • Drink enough water
  • Saltwater shower or bath
  • General and local sweeping of the aura and the chakras/organs as well as energizing them.
  • ....
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