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Arhatic Yoga Meeti...
25.09.21 Lausanne
02.10.21 Ellikon an der Thur
09.10.21 Buchrain
09.10.21 Zürich
16.10.21 Thun
Pranic Kriyashakti – The art of materialization:
23.10.21 ONLINE
The Spiritual Essence of Man:
22.10.21 ONLINE

Areas of application

If once you have experienced the effect of Pranic Healing, there are plenty of possibilities to work with Pranic Healing and to harmonize your environment.
Pranic Healing is an enrichment for healthy, curious and searching people.
  • Preserve yourself a radiating, young look
  • Gain more energy and inner structure to master even demanding workdays
  • Increase your mental capacity, your self-confidence and your intuition
  • Find the feeling of inner peace and bliss
  • Learn techniques to have a better stand in life with your over-sensibility
  • Reduce wrinkles and little fat cushions
Psychic problems
  • release emotional and psychic blockades and disturbances such as stress, fear, depression, burn-out, addiction, phobia
  • dementia
  • transform your disturbing every-day behaving patterns or traumatic energies
Physical problems
  • allergies
  • autoimmune ailments
  • breathing problems like bronchitis and asthma
  • joint-pains
  • arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • heart problems
  • dysfunction of hormons
  • infections and strengthen the immune system
  • migraine headache
  • menstrual problems
  • multiple sclerosis
  • disorders of the nervous system
  • back problems
  • tinnitus
  • acceleration of the healing after accidents, bone fractures or surgeries
  • problems in the climacteric period
  • cysts
  • cancer
Widen the use of Pranic Healing to your daily-life and harmonize your home, private or professional relationships, your work, your workroom or your company. Neutralize incompatible food or negative side effects of medicaments.
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