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OUR FATHER Meditat...
13.06.20 Uettligen bei Bern
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Arhatic Yoga Intensive Landguet Ried:
18.09.20 Niederwangen b. Bern

GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram



This Ashram was built by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui exclusively for Arhatic Yoga practitioners.  As an Arhatic Yogi you can go there alone or with a group.  You are allowed to put together your own program or practice the daily program proposed by the Ashram.  You can go directly to the website  to check out the activities at the Ashram.

Every 3-4 years Verein Pranic Healing Schweiz (Pranic Healing Switzerland Association) organizes a trip to the Ashram.  The next trip is in 2019.  Together, we want to practice Master Choa Kok Sui's lessons, deepen our understanding and charge ourselves with the wonderful energy from the Ashram.  Stefan Weiss will guide our group through a promising program, where in addition to meditations and, not to be neglected, will be healing, enjoyment and the state of being.

The trip takes place from Oct. 25 – Nov. 3, 2019.  Nicole Turtschi is responsible for the organization.  She is looking forward to your registration and will gladly answer any of your questions.  (  / 079 883 76 87)

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